Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aadukalam Movie Review

Genre: Drama

Director: Vetrimaran

Cast: Dhanush, Tapsee Pannu, Sindhu Menon, Daniel Balaji, Kishore, Jayabalan

Storyline: Series of unfortunate events in a young man’s life following his win in a cockfight overriding his master’s judgment.

Bottomline: A story of betrayal - interestingly told. Watch it for Dhanush and Tapsee

Vetrimaran once again proves his mettle in this movie after Pollathavan. The role of karuppu cannot fit anyone else better than Dhanush and this movie just goes to show how much Dhanush has matured as an actor. He has lived as karuppu in every frame of the movie. Unlike the other flicks set in Madurai, the director has thankfully avoided the purposeful intrusion of the ‘so-called’ slangs. Tapsee as Irene is an absolute eye-candy and has a meaningful presence in the hero-centric movie.

The movie’s core is based on cockfight – one of the cultural identities of Madurai. Karuppu is one among the many assistants of Pettaikaran (Jayabalan – another commendable cast selection). The only thing they care about in life is cockfight. Ratnaswamy – a cop in town is also cast of the same die when it comes to cockfight. He tries in vain to beat Pettaikaran in the game – fare and unfair. In one such fight Karuppu overrides Pettaikaran’s words to win the fight. The jealousy and the consequent betrayal of Karuppu by Pettaikaran forms the rest of the story.

Bright Spots: Dhanush scores full marks for his acting, and G.V.Prakash has scored 3 excellent songs( yaathe yaathe, otha sollale, ayyayo nenju ).

Bloopers: There are several loose ends in the script and the climax is totally illogical. Is it that easy to get away from a murder charge – just runaway?? The script drags a lot in the second half.

Hit or Miss: On the whole, this movie is going to be a festival feat for Dhanush fans and yes is worth a watch in theaters.


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