Monday, August 30, 2010

Inidhu Inidhu Movie Review

Genre: Drama, College

Director: K.V.Guhan

Cast: Narayan (Tyson), Sonia (Shravs), Arun Iswaran (Sidhu), Reshmi Menon (Madhu), Vimal (Vimal), Bennas (Appu), Sharan Sharma (Shankar), GiaUmar(Sangeetha), Sunny Sawrav (Sanny Balboa), Abhishek (Arjun), Krishna (Sanjay), Ajay (Ajay)

Storyline: College life

Bottomline: This seems to be the director’s fantasy college. Unrealistic and Hollow


After movies like Mozhi and Vellithirai, expectations are very high when Prakash Raj produces a movie. This movie did nothing to even get close to 1% of the expectation. The film is a remake of the Telugu movie “Happy Days”. It doesn’t even qualify to be stated in the same breath as the original version say my friends who had watched Happy Days.

I guess the director had not even passed by an engineering college in his life. In his world college is all about flirting, boozing, gang fights, ragging and farewell :P. Nevertheless, the debutant actors Arun (Siddu), Reshmi (Madhu) and Bennas (Appu) have done a good job in acting. The only touching scene in the entire movie was that of MilkPandi (Paalpandi). Yes, that was also the only thing close to reality in the movie.

When did engineering girls and boys start going out on private tours?? I wish we were in the era that the director has dreamed of :P The lone good part of this entire fiasco is the music. The music review can be read here. I could not help thinking that with college stories like ‘3 Idiots’, how could a director dare to make such a bad movie.

Anyways, the final word is that the movie is NOT AT ALL worth to be watched in theaters. Don’t waste your 120 bucks, wait for CDs to come to burma bazzar

I rate this movie at 1.5 stars (My big heart doesn’t let me go below this – few may rate it in negative terms.. he he)

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Anonymous said...

Well, first of all - SUCH COLLEGE EXISTS
It was shot in VIT - Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India, Asia, World!!!
And that college is way beyond what you guys think of college! Its sooooo AWESOME!
And considering with all that badness, this movie ran for more than a month in theatres, I guess it did a good job.
Since no one commented on your post, I feel humiliated to just stand it here. You're a critic, a bad one at that, but yes, you are. So, can't complaint. And even in college I and lots of my friends went to private tours and all. Well, what can I say, sucks to be you to have studied in stupid colleges.

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