Monday, August 2, 2010


Genre: Drama

Director: Sargunam

Cast: Vimal, Oviya, Saranya, Ilavarasu, Soori, Kanja karupu

Storyline: Irresponsible village boy loves school girl, Boy enemies with girl’s brother, Boy and girl elope to marry and happy ending

Bottomline: One of the best – if not the best film of the year

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Recently saw this movie, online of course.. but would definitely have seen it in theaters had I been in India. It was a such a refreshingly entertaining movie. When there is a debutant director around the corner, it will be either a lot of bloodshed rat-eat-rat story (where nowadays everyone dies in the end) or it would be no plot-total nonsense movie with a lot of skin show to pull the crowd or just simply a college love story.

But thankfully director Sargunam has avoided all these and has come up with a clean family entertainer. The story line may be a simple love story, but the screenplay does not let in even a single dull moment. There are several reasons that make this a good movie. For starters, there is not much violence nor is there any heightened melodrama. For a change, comedy scenes are not predictable. They made me really laugh out loud. The best part is the casting.

For me, the highlight of the film was Saranya who has portrayed the role of the hero’s mother. Although we have seen Saranya in mother role in more than a couple of films, she seems to distinguish each of her performances. Illavarasu also has made his mark in the role of the father and is a credible embodiment of the Dubai dads.

Vimal and Soori are on a roll and have lived the role. Heroine oviya looks just perfect for that innocent school girl. Over all the movie is a all through fun and I’d rate it at 4 stars (and a 0.5 more just for Saranya!!!)


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