Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sindhu Samaveli Music Review

Sindhu Samaveli is one of the new music tracks that has been released recently. The music for this album is scored by Sundar C.Babu and lyrics by Na.Muthukumar. I would actually say this album was a disappointment esp because I was expecting something that would beat Anjaathe in music and also was looking forward to hearing some good refreshing lyrics. But Na.Muthukumar seems to have lost his marbles after he finished writing “Ovvoru manithan nenjum”song. The others are just collage of the usual lyrics that we hear all the time. The “Thappu Thanda” started with good beats but again it just didn’t make an impression. The lyrics made me compare that with a better version of the same thoughts in “Sirichi Sirichi vandha cheena thana” in Vasool Raja.Anyway this was a typical Malgudi Subha number. “Yaar ingu nallavargal” again has no originality in terms of lyrics and neither is the music catchy. If the music director was planning to give an instrumental to match “the king arrives” instrumental of “aayirathil oruvan”, I must say he has failed miserably. It was more of noise than music.  The female version of “Yaar ingu nallavargal” has the same lyrics but has Janaki singing the number. I seriously don’t understand why veterans like S.P.B and Janaki agree to sing these Surprised

The last track in the album “Muthathale Sanda” is the only track that might stay on your mind.

Overall, I’d say that this album is not worth a buy. If you want to still listen to this, go to and listen to the tracks.

I rate this album at 1.5 stars (just for the lyrics of “Ovvoru manithan” and music of “Muthathale Sande”)


Track list:

Oovaru Manithan Nenjum  
Sung By: Karthik 

Thappu Thanda  
Sung By: Malgudi Subha 

Yaar Ingu Nallavargal  
Sung By: SP. Balasubramaniam 

Theme Music  

Yaar Ingu Nallavargal  
Sung By: Janaki 

Muthathale Sanda  
Sung By: Naveen, Rita 

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