Thursday, August 26, 2010

Naan Mahaan Illai Review

Genre: Action

Director: Suseendran

Cast: Karthi, Kajol Agarwal

Storyline: A middle class young man who turns violent to avenge

Bottomline: A fresh makeup for an old idea.

Apt casting and brisk screenplay are the main strength of this movie. As the title goes to say, Karthi (Jeeva) is not a homely, decent boy. It seems to be Karthi’s forte to look cool in the not-so-good boy role. The film starts off with a group of adolescent boys smoking pot and committing a murder for their lust. Little would one imagine that the film could be such fun with an opening scene like this.

Karthi is a carefree youth who as usual has parents who dote on them. It is amazing that both of them don’t mind him being jobless. Anyways, he meets Kajol Agarwal (Priya) at a marriage and its love at first sight. Sadly as in any action movie, the heroine in this movie is also pea-brained and comes just for 4 scenes and the songs.

There are quite a few interesting light-hearted scenes like the one in which Karthi and his friend go for collections and the scene in which Priya’s father trying to get a goon’s help and Karthi becoming his friend.

The adolescent boys kill Karthi’s father – a call taxi driver fearing that he might turn as a witness against them. The hero decides that the punishments by law are not just enough for these criminals and turns violent to take law into his own hands. The climax is the usual bloodshed and it is increasingly worrying to see that we have hero gruesomely slashing the villain in the climax and walking away with that.

The music of this movie has been reviewed in an earlier post. You can read the music review here. The songs have lyric that match the situation and looks good visually too.

Over all, though it is not romantic as the posters show it to be, the movie is worth a one time watch in theater. For all those unlucky oversees movie lovers, drop your mail id in the comments and I will mail you the torrent file – trust me the quality is very good!

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