Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Inception – A direct lift from Disney Duck Tales

I was still under the illusion that Inception was a work of Christopher Nolan’s ingenuity until I saw a link one of my friend’s had shared in Facebook.

I have always belittled the Indian film industry of having a poverty of imagination for lifting stories from one regional language to other. But I am flabbergasted to see a Hollywood hit being a direct lift from not even another movie, but from a comic strip!! I vouch never to criticize another Indian movie for being based on an epic.

Walt Disney’s imagination for sure will keep you gripped far more than Mr.Nolan’s. Here’s the teaser first page of the comic


The link once again to read the rest of the comic :

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Anonymous said...

di... There has been n number of dream related films and comics, for example A night mare on Elm street. Doesn't mean it is copied from each other, dream concept have been explored a lot. FWIW, the duck tales is supposedly published in 2004 whereas Nolan pitched the movie in 2000/2001. Even it was inspired by another movie idea/comic, what makes inception unique is the way the movie was taken, the visual twists and the screenplay... As long as the director takes an idea to the next level and adds something unique instead of blatantly copying, people will accept that any day. If the movie is really copied that is...

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