Monday, October 25, 2010

What’s keeping me from posting?

   Yeah, Yeah I have not been posting for a loong time (10 days is very long if some one is new to blogging – it really hurts the already minimal traffic my site boasts). I can’t just blame on ‘no good movies released in the past week’ or rather no good prints on internet of the movies I wanted to see. Some other things are also distracting me and keeping me from my writing.

         My husband got an IPhone and ever since the evil gadget entered our home, I’ve not been able to be away from it for all the time my husband is at home. Then he got a camcorder – another one of those electronic stuff for me to toy with. I got addicted to “Everybody Loves Raymond” show and am watching all episodes from Season 1 like mad.

         And finally, the most important of them all – at last the dates for our India trip is '”ALMOST” confirmed and am busy packing stuff and selling off items here. I am all excited about moving back to India and that excitement seems sufficient to stop me from watching movies :)

         But I have managed to watch “Jhoota hi Sahi'” today and I promise that there is going to be a review post tomorrow.

         BTW I cannot stop myself from bragging – this is my first doodle on IPhone :)


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