Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Endhiran Movie review

The only reasoning that stood between Rajinikanth and impossible stunts was that he is human. Being a ROBO has allowed him defy all odds and that gives us an ultimate entertainment blockbuster – Endhiran. Tamil cinema scales new heights with this magnum opus by Shankar. This movie is a proof that with enough cash under the belt, guys down here can make James Cameroon look a dwarf.

endhiran_1 Its Rajinikanth all the way. Be it the subtle portrayal of the scientist Vasi or the awe inspiring Chitti or even better the upgraded Chitti 2.0, Rajini was on the dot. Just like any Rajini fan, I was left longing for the slow-motion winning Rajini walk (the one in Kadhal Anukkal doesn’t count) and the punch dialogs (I just loved the single punch dialog – the one when the cashier at jewel stores asks: “Cash a, Card a, Cheque a? Chitti2.0: Gun). Though that sense of missing something lingers, the film still leaves me happy for its entertainment quotient. I couldn’t help thinking that this was a fitting reply to guys barging about ‘Dasavatharam’!

Agreed that Aishwarya looks darn pretty at 30+ (am green with envy) but she a college student? Huh! And has she ever thought of acting or did she think her role was to just look pretty on the scenes that involved her?? I don’t think the romantic scenes between the scientist Rajini and Sana made any impression at all but Chitti 2.0 did a better job at it. endhiran_3

Everything about this movie is brilliant. Just when I start thinking that Indian cinema must grow up and stop having meaningless song sequences that dampen the pace, something like “Endhiran” comes up with such exceptionally choreographed songs that I didn’t at all mind them stopping the flow of the story. Though ‘Kilimanjaro’ was the only song that seemed to have been ‘fitted in’, it topped the others in choreography and singing(I cannot write enough of Chinmayee and Javed Ali). 

As every other Rajini fan, all the hyped-up promos for this movie made me get nervous that this must not become another ‘Baba’ or something. But after watching the movie, I thought that Mr.Maran could’ve saved his breath (and also money thrown in for publicity) for, such a well taken Rajini-fare can never fail! Hope this movie plants seeds for braver efforts from Tamil film makers.endhiran_2

Don’t even think of watching “Endhiran” anywhere other than a theater. Rajini Rocks. Its already Diwali time indeed for Rajini fans when he says “Happy Diwali” folks.

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