Sunday, October 10, 2010

Uthama Puthiran Music Review

Given the past tracks from Vijay Antony, there is nothing much to expect from this one too. All the songs have been tuned to catchy beats and just like any Dhanush movie songs, these will go for a round in FM and TV and will then be soon forgotten. In all there are 6 tracks in this album with 4 beats number and two melodies. “Usumu Laresay” is yet another of those meaningless words to join the list of ‘Omahazeeya’ and ‘Allegra’. This is the title song with forgettable lyrics and after few minutes, the ‘takkunu takkunu’ gets irritating. “Kan Irandil’ reminds at least a couple of hit numbers in terms of the rhythm. Naresh Iyer has a beautiful voice that is the only consolation. “Idicha Pacharisi” has the foolproof folk beats and there is nothing special about the lyrics here either. “En Nenjil” is a passable duet number but what hurts the most is the poverty of imagination that has stooped to a new low. “Thooral thedum” is the only track that will possibly make any impression. The lyric is good compared to the others in the track. The only track I’d recommend for a listen. Given that “Ulagam unaku” is penned by the same guy who wrote “En Nnjil”, one doesn’t expect anything with the lyric but in this the music was also not noteworthy

. uthama-puthiran

Don’t go buying this album. Hear this one on Raaga if you want to.

Tracks in this album:

Ussumu Laresay
Sung By: Vijay Antony, Emcee Jazz, Janani
Lyrics: Priyan

Kan Irrandil
Sung By: Naresh Iyer
Lyrics: Eknath

Idicha Pacharisi
Sung By: Ranjith, Vinaya, Sangeetha
Lyrics: Annamalai

En Nenju
Sung By: Vijay Prakash, Saindhavi
Lyrics: Priyan

Thooral Podum
Sung By: Ajesh, Janani
Lyrics: Eknath

Ulagam Unnaku
Sung By: Vijay Prakash
Lyrics: Annamalai

I’d rate this album at 2 stars.


Anonymous said...

is janani who sang in vijay tv super singer?

Anonymous said...

No I guess

m.r.nomia said...

usumu laresay:

i like this song very much . do you know in tamil flim industries i like this flim only

Indhu c said...

I love the song too.. It kinda grows on us the more one gets to listen to it. But don't you feel lyrics such as these lower the already low standards of tamil songs. Like I said in the post, this song is a definite hit for its music and beats - but couldn't it have had better lyrics also?

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