Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Siruthai Review

Genre: Comedy, Action

Director: Siva

Cast: Karthi, Tamannah, Santhanam

Storyline: The usual double action flick where the one goes on to finish off the task the other started following his death.

Bottomline: Action and fun– though illogical keeps you entertained all through


Of all the 7 tamil films released so far in 2011, Siruthai stands out purely for the entertainment quotient in the movie. If you think that movies are meant to be watched purely for the sake of entertainment and don’t mind having to leave your brains at home for that sake, Siruthai is just the answer for you. Some (read most) of the charades by Santhanam, Karthi and Tamannah are totally illogical but no complaints as they don’t fail to bring a laugh.

Rocket Raja is a small scale petty thief who vouches to marry a rich,white figure in a fight with the local ladies. He meets Tamannah at a marriage where he goes to steal and romance just happens immediately. Twist in the story happens when a young girl comes to Raja calling him dad. In a flashback, Raja finds that the girl is the daughter of Ratnavel Pandiyan (Karthi again) - a honest ‘Kakha Kakha’ types police officer. Villains from Andhra are behind Pandian and his daughter. How Raja goes on to finish the unfinished work of Pandian after his death forms the rest of the story of this fun filled action flick.

Karthi has ventured into a new domain – action and excels there too! Though Karthi has a long way to go to catch up with the acting versatility of Surya, he does a good job nevertheless. Tamannah has nothing to do in this movie other than shaking a leg in a couple of songs and showcasing her hips (could the director not find any heroine who does have a hip??). Santhanam rightly gives her the apt name – ‘makku figure’.  Santhanam’s comedy leaves you in splits – especially the Bomb Squad part. Don’t go laughing too much on the first line, you’ll miss the next one!! Vidyasagar’s music is enjoyable though the lyrics don’t  stand out much. Adi Rakkamma, Naan Romba Romba ( Rocket Raja) and aaraaro (thalatu song) are hummable numbers. You can listen to the songs of this movie from this link

Bright Spots: Santhanam’s one liners, Karthi’s action.

Bloopers: Not much if you don’t count the logical loose ends.

Hit or Miss: A definite hit purely for the entertainment the movie has to offer. Watch it with friends at theaters!

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