Thursday, September 16, 2010

Va Quarter Cutting music review

The mere title by itself is intriguing and raises an expectation to see a well made comedy. It is rumored to be Tamil Padam – Part II and I hope its not. Spoofing movies cannot sustain the humor quotient for long! Happened to hear the album today and I was not expecting a lot (even though music director was G.V.Prakash as this seems to be a comedy movie and comedy movies usually don’t have much weightage on music) as the songs these days do not seem to make a lot of impression on us. But I was pleasantly mistaken, for the album is quite good. All the songs are good to hear and have interesting lyrics. Kudos to Kumarraja,  for penning such refreshingly new lyrics. In an air stale with mix and match of same lyrics lifted in bits and pieces from other songs, his lyrics come as a breath of fresh air.

va quarter cutting music review

‘Unnai Kan theduthe’ is going to be a hit among the youth and is sung well by Gana Ulaganathan. All ‘kudimakkal’ are gonna be very happy about the lyrics. The beat might remind you of ‘Un mela aasai than’ – an other G.V. number. ‘Thediye Thediye’ is a rhyme like melody that sticks to your mind soon enough. A very beautiful song that starts with a sad tone but ends on a happier tone. Andrea has added soul to this song by showing the variation of the mood in her voice. ‘Saudi Basha’ has cool arabic / islamic beats. ‘Shake Shake Shake’ is going to be the way of youth for sometime to come now. Absolutely enjoyable lyrics by Siva and R.Amarendan (they’ve the credits for just this song in the album). ‘Saarpu Saarpu’ is a ghana type rap. Cool bit of music and lyrics again here. The last number is the remix of ‘Unnai kan theduthe’ and the ‘quarter quarter quarter’ humming is all that remains in mind after listening to this.

A interesting bit of innovation in this album – 4 dialogs are included as a part of track list! Those are hilarious too. Overall, this album is going to be a sure shot hit among the youth and FM radios are all going to play these songs nonstop on all their primetime shows!

A strong yes to buy this album. Rate this at 4 stars.

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Tracks in the album:

Dialogue 1
Artist(s): Siva, SPB. Charan

Unnai Kan Thedhudhe
Artist(s): GV. Prakash, Gana Ulaganathan
Lyricist: Kumararaja

Dialogue 2

Thediyae Thediyae
Artist(s): Andrea Jeremiah
Lyricist: Kumararaja

Dialogue 3
Artist(s): Siva

Saudi Basha
Artist(s): GV. Prakash, Bhargavi
Lyricist: Siva, R. Amarendran

Dialogue 4
Artist(s): Siva, SPB. Charan

Saarpu Saarpu Ji
Artist(s): GV. Prakash, Lakshmikanth
Lyricist: Kumararaja

The Quarter Song: Clubmix
Artist(s): GV. Prakash, Gana Ulaganathan, Remix: DJ Vijay Chawla
Lyricist: Kumararaja


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