Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Peepli[Live] movie review

Genre: Draorea
Director: Anusha Rizvi
Cast: Omkar Das Manikpuri, Raghuveer Yadav, Malaika Shenoy, Naseeruddin Shah, Shalini Vatsa, Farrukh Jaffer
Storyline: A social issue handled in quite an intelligent way
Bottomline: Hits the chords just right – A Definite yes!
I don’t think there is much left for a hobby critic like me to review the movie. After all, it had won accolades even before its release in Dublin international film festival. Still, I couldn’t stop myself from writing this for I wanted to share my awe at such an intelligently thought out movie and the excellent way in which the extremely sensitive issue of farmers suicide has been handled.
peeplilive The casting scores cent percentage. From amma to the agri minister and everybody else in between, they just seem to be die cast for the role! The scene in which the brothers decide on who is going to suicide (that you see on trailers) is just an example of the black hue in the flick. The scene where the reporter fakes as if two ladies are possessed by ‘Mata’ may look hilarious on scene, but the disgusting truth is that it is in fact the most realistic portrayal of today’s irresponsible, TRP crazy news media. Everything about the film is realistic and there is no over exaggeration at any point.
An excellent movie which has rightfully reached the masses (thanks to the bollywood Demi God Aamir) unlike the other movies of such genre that go out of box-office without any noise within weeks of release. Do make sure you watch this movie on theaters, for its going to be the best in its class for a long time to come!!

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