Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to make a flop extravaganza?

This year has seen many high budget extravaganza movies that went straight to the dumpster from the box office within a week into launch. And with me reviewing the movies, was ill-fated to sit through those. I am really fed up watching these no script/dumb joke/total nonsense movies these days that I can give tips for making movies getting inspiration from the likes of Sajid khans. So here goes the 10 ways to make a extravagant flop movie:

1. Sign the top hero and heroine for the movie – their salary would eat up almost 1/3 of the total budget

2. Shoot the entire movie at international exotic locations.

3. Have songs that are totally irrelevant to the movie.

4. Get as many well known supporting cast as possible – even if they are going to show their faces in just one scene in the entire movie

5. Make a flashy and costly Poster for the movie.

6. Make a grand audio launch in a 5 star hotel inviting all big shots and making them say “this movie is going to be the hit of the year”

7. Create publicity stunts (like spreading rumors that hero and heroine of the movie are going out together in real life too)

8. Get the stars as special judges into all the reality shows with Judges on TV (whether they know the art or not).

9. With all these hype created, see the distribution rights for a whooping fortune!

10. Most important of them all, don’t bother to have any script for the movie (who cares about the script after all when you have the top hero and heroine romancing at international exotic locations)

With all these done, the movie hits the box-office with a lot of expectations and finally disappoints the poor audience and goes into the trash bins. The TV channels get lucky with these movies – they do the “world premier screening” of the movie within weeks of its release!

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