Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vishwanathan Anand Reigns!

Another win for Anand, another year of holding the world Championship title. Anand is still the World Champion. A welcome news for all the Indians who have got accustomed to read defeat after defeats in the sports column. Anand beats Topalov to retain the World Chess Championship. So here is a brief of Anand's achievements:

Anand was the first Grandmaster in India at the age of 18 when he won the Shakti Finance International Chess tournament and was awarded the Padma Shri at that young age. He won the FIDE World Chess championship in 2000 for the first time and defended the title till 2002. In 2007 he became the unbeatable and undisputed world champion.He won again in 2008 to defend the title. He is the first player in the history of this game to have the world champion title in three formats (Knockout, Tournament and Match) of the game. Not only is he the youngest to get a Grandmaster title, he was now also the oldest champion the game has ever seen(2007).

But where is my piece of mind here?? Here it goes.. I found it very funny that the newspapers had large and important space to report the pathetic defeat of 11 men in the Super8 game than it had to report the commendable win of this single hero!!

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