Monday, May 10, 2010

IPL and World Cup

Read this on twitter: "IPL is exhibition and world cup is examination - Clive Llyod"
During the exhibition, all the Indian players came out in flying colors. In fact, during the recently completed and the most controversial season of IPL it was said with lot of pride that Indian players came out to be the best in all areas of the game.
Come the day of examination, all the not-so-good performers in the IPL from the other countries turn into super performers and the so-called excellent performers walked off the field shaking their hung heads.
I think their motivation levels went down during the world cup as they were not receiving 'Jadoo ki jhappis' from the bollywood beauties :P
BCCI can consider sending these 'motivation factors' along with the teams when they go international too.
எவ்வளவோ பண்ணிட்டோம் இத பண்ண மாட்டோமா?

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