Thursday, May 13, 2010

TN Plus two results 2010 today

TN HSC plustwo results are coming today at IST 9.30 AM. the website to check the results is

I want to wish the best for all the students awaiting their results.

This news took me to my flashback and hence the post. I still remember how I waited with bated breath for my results. But those were days when we had to go to the school to know our results.. Internet wasn't the "in thing" those days.. But more than the day of my plus two results, the day of my 10th std results are evergreen in my memory. If there was no internet during my 12th, there was no news of when the results would come when I was in 10th. All of a sudden my mom called up (which is very very unusual) to our landline (she worked in the same school where I did 10th - she used to be the best Biology teacher for the secondary grade students) and said the results were in. My heart was literally in my mouth. But with so much pride in her voice my mom read out my marks and said I had the second highest total in the school!! - Totally unbelievable for me :P

For me, fortunately it has always been good results when someone else saw it for me!! I could never muster up enough courage to see it myself - till my PG :P

So all future doctors, engineers and graduate citizens out there - ALL THE BEST...

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mom said...

not only u stood second highest in school, u got the first mark in english and maths.
i am always proud of u my child

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