Tuesday, March 15, 2011

iPod 4 screen glitches following iOS 4.3 update - What to do about it?


Just when the users with iOS 4.3 update in their iPhones / iPods are still to come out of the DST bug problem (well there has been no fix from Apple – restarting the device fixed the issue in most cases), the next issue has cropped up. Many iPod touch users are reporting weird glitches in their screen graphics following the iOS 4.3 update in their iPod. The glitches are more apparent in the lock screen and many users have also reported icon overlapping and other problems with pixel alignment. Hope Apple fixes the issues with the OS update soon – before the droid lovers have a field day with this!

What should I do if I see the glitches in my iPod?

The best thing to do if you see the glitches is to report it to Apple. They are the right people to do something about this. Please report the issue in any one of the two Apple discussion links below:

Apple discussion link 1

Apple discussion link 2


iPod 4 Glitch following iOS4.3 update


Are you experiencing these glitches too? Share your videos/experiences in comments.


ExodusRex said...

I have this problem too on my battery indicator and signal strength indicator. Hoping for a fix soon.

Indhu C said...

Welcome here ExodusRex! Yes I too hope Apple fixes the issues in the iOS 4.3 update soon!

Anonymous said...

I have this too!!! I thought it was water damage but I checked the water marker and it was fine, and I've never had it come into contact with anything unusual. Thought it was just me!!

Anonymous said...

This just started happening to me too. But it is doing it on my regular screen and in my games too. Also my volume was moving up by itself. Then I charged my battery and took it off when it was done. Wake up the next morning the 20% battery life showed up! None of this happened until I updated my Ipod a week or so ago.

mahasiswa teladan said...

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