Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MNP (Mobile Number Portability)–Who said it best?

Mobile Number Portability (or MNP) is the new in-thing in the telecom world in India and every service provider (well almost) is trying to rope in customers to their network from the others. But who has put on the best show in the town? That’s what I am writing here

The major competitors for cell phone service are BSNL, Airtel, TATA DoCoMo, Reliance Mobile, Vodafone, Uninor, Idea, Videocon and Aircel (famous in Tamil Nadu at least). Of which my personal favorite is Vodafone – not just because of my partiality of that being my first service provider, but because they have the cutest advertisements among all these for MNP.



This ad is tops the list with a A+ for its cuteness and  simple to understand presentation – Vodafone has space for everyone so bring your friends along.

DoCoMo pretty much targets to convey the same message in its ad – the one where everyone’s playing trumpet for a guy. But it lacks the cuteness and clearness factor which gives it a B.

Idea has the crappiest ad where A.B Jr (Abishek Bachchan) asks ‘what will you get if you call 1800xxxxxxx?’ and answers it by saying ‘You’ll get idea’ – I mean where is the creativity here D-. 

Airtel, Reliance and Uninor doesn’t seem to have gone to the pains of making specific advertisements for MNP but simply have an additional 2 seconds of 1800 number at the end of their regular ad and might just barely scrap a pass mark.

What bites the dust and fails is the no promos by Aircel and Videocon. At least I can forgive Videocon as they are quite new and are yet to make an impression with consumers to ask them to switch to their network.  But what happened to Aircel?? Is there no advertisement department there – is it not a criminal waste to have M.S.Dhoni as the brand ambassador and not have an ad for MNP!!!!

OOPS! just realized that I missed the government service provider BSNL. This is one of its kind in being the best amongst all and having the least advertisements.

But these are just Ads.  This added freedom comes added responsibility  – responsibility to clearly analyze whose plans suits your needs the best. So people, choose well and stay connected!

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