Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 “Must Have” iPhone accessories

Just as I had told, the iPhone addiction does not end with just the iPhone. In fact, it stretches to the whole lot of accessories that comes along. In fact we even had bought few of the accessories before even buying the iPhone. So here goes my list of 10 ‘must have’ iPhone accessories.

1. iPhone Screen Guard: Even with the utmost care, it is humanly impossible to avoid scratches on mobile phone screens. So when it is an iPhone, it calls for the extra level of caution! That’s why I have this as the #1 must have accessory. Some dealers even sells it with  a Lint cleaning cloth

2. iPhone Case: When you buy an iPhone, you are eligible to get a free glass case from Apple (from istore). If you are satisfied with that, then well and good. But we bought this leather flip type iPhone case, which is the second layer of protection to the screen as well as a fancy and executive case.

3. iPhone Car charger: The purpose of having a iPhone (to browse on the go) is defeated if you run out of charge when u essentially need it! Having a car charger always comes handy when you have a busy schedule and cannot stop to charge the iPhone. Various options are available with this accessory too. You get the regular car chargers and the retractable models too. So choose what suits you best.iphone accessories

4. Charge and sync dock: Although you can use the cable that shipped with your iPhone for charging and sync processes, I hate to have to place the iPhone vulnerably (:P) on the table in doing so. This accessory will hold your iPhone safe in place during charging and sync and hence finds itself in my list of must haves. These come in black and in white colors.

5. iPhone car mount holder: This is another piece of accessory that ensures safety of the prized possession when you have to physically part with it – while driving. There are several options available in the market – like the ones that says ‘FM Transmitter + Car Charger + Holder ~Remote Included!’ or the simple ‘Unviersal Car Windshield Mount Holder’. I personally prefer the simpler version because that is easy to handle.

6. Earbud clips: This is more of a convenience accessory. For music lovers like me, these EARBUDi Clips that can be fixed on and off the ear phones that shipped with the iPhone are just perfect. There are other variations too like the ‘premium stereo ear bud for earphone’. Choose which you like most and go for it.

7. iPOD Cradle: This and the car mount were the accessories we already had B.I (before iPhone). There are several cute cradles available in market. We had this iPod + iPhone Speaker Dock/Clock from Sony and I find it an amazing product.

8. Bluetooth headset: I know that holding the iPhone is irresistible, but there are times when you’ll need both your hands – like for driving, cooking, etc. and you don’t want to risk juggling with iPhone. That makes this accessory another must have!

9. Sim card Cutter : If you live outside America, (like us in India), this is one must have tool. Even with Mobile number portability, you will have to get a new sim card from your new service provider for porting the number. And usually we don’t get mini sim cards (as yet). This tool will give precision cut mini sim card. You cannot toy with the sim card with a pencil, scale and extra sharp scissors. One inch here or there leave you in a big mess! So get this one.

10. Micro sim card Adaptor: Well, you might think why am I ever going to need this. but I can give you one most possible scenario. Lets say you have an iPhone that you’ve been bragging about and one day your wife decides she wants to show it off too to her friends. You don’t want to be left stranded with a mini sim that will not work in the other regular phones (well the expensive alternative is to get her an iPhone too :P). That’s when this savior steps in. With this accessory you can use your mini sim with the regular phones.

Well this is my list. Have I missed any of the accessories that you thing must have featured in the list?-Do leave me a line in comments!


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