Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Watched this movie today. Though there is no logic in what the hero does (atleast initially until they bring in the sentimental part), the movie is worth a one time watch compared to many nonsense that comes out these days in the name of a movie. Jayam Ravi is the hero. So as usual, it a Telugu remake. I dont know if the taste of tamil audience has hit a new low - am wondering bcos these days I see Tamanna as heroine in everyother movie. The first half is fun and second half drags a bit. I watched it alone but was laughing out loud for few scenes. I'd rate the movie at 3stars :)

Its a good movie to watch in theater. But for those outside India who have no other option, you can watch thillalangadi online for free by following this link

Click here to watch Thillalangadi online for free

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