Monday, April 12, 2010

What Comedy?!

Today I received a mail from my cousin sister - the subject of the mail was "Potential Gold mines" and the mail contained few Keralites marriage photos. The bride in the photos were wearing so much jewels that I seriously doubted how their necks held such weight. I am not worthy to comment as I adorned a good amount during my marriage too but these are unbelievable. But upon seeing the last phot, I felt pity for the bride. I have put that picture here (its all over the internet already!). After all, it was the most important day of her life and she ends up looking like a big joke. Nowadays, even the garland worn during marriage doesnt come so low down. I dont know if she's wearing it to showcase the amout of jewels her parents are giving her or if she really was happy about wearing so much of jewellery. I just hope that the ppl of this region (not just kerala, the southern parts of TN also) quit doing this.

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