Monday, April 12, 2010

90/10 Principle Huh!!

One great person - Mr. Stephen Covey has invented a principle called 90/10 and the principle says '10% of life is made up of what happens to you and 90% of life is decided by how you REACT'. And he gives a cute little example - daughter knocks coffee over father's shirt on morning, he yells at daughter and yells at wife for placing the coffee mug there. Changes shirt, daughter is crying & misses school bus, wife cant drop her as she has to rush to office, he drops daughter off at school, daughter goes without waving bye, he gets to office late (after receiving a speeding ticket for driving too fast) and then realizes he forgot his briefcase. Now Mr.Covey says that all this happened not because the coffee spilled but because dad reacted in the harsh way. Had the father said 'Its okie honey' instead of yelling at daughter & wife and goes over to change his shirt, daughter'd not have cried, not have missed school bus and day would have been just fine. Agreed here sir!

But does this always work is my question? Don't both the parties in question need to know the 90/10 principle? Is that how life work? I can vouch that Murphy's law is always true. i.e. If you know about the 90/10 principle, by default the person whom you have to deal with in a 'situation' DOES NOT!!!!

So all great athmas out there, the world is still not a beautiful place, until you educate your partners with such things. But for some poor souls (like me) where you'd only be ridiculed (making it another bad REACTION) for suggesting ideas such as these to your partners, have a laugh!!

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