Thursday, August 15, 2013

Copy Paste bug in Samsung device -How to fix the clipboard issue

I was introduced to smartphones in 2010 by my husband. He had bought an Apple iPhone. The fascination was beyond words and I could just not keep my hands off that toy! Later, in 2011 I got a Samsung galaxy S phone as a surprise gift on my birthday. I have never once thought if only it were some other Smartphone. Samsung was just perfect. This year as an addition to the smart gadgets, I got a Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 - yup, the note with the stylus. Even though I could not spare much time to explore this wonderful gadget, I have loved what I have seen so far. Much to my bewilderment, all of a sudden, the copy paste feature started giving problems.

The problems that I faced were:

1. I could cut or copy, but I could not paste anything anywhere
                    It was not specific to an app or a particular task.I could just not paste the stuff that I just had copied. when I searched for this problem on the net, many people had mentioned that the paste option was not working on some apps while it worked in someother.
2. Unlike most commonly reported,  the device did not crash upon paste. Instead nothing happens when I click on clipboard.
3. I tried to force stop and clear data of the clipboard from the app manager. But, I could not find Clipboard either under the running apps or under the All apps tab.
4. I tried connecting the note to Computer  in an effort to clear the old data on the clipboard. I could not see a folder called "Data"

The Solution:

I had two options (from what I could gather on the net)
1. Upgrade the tab to the latest firmware version - many sites were not optimistic about this solution
2. Rooting the device. Eventhough this was the widely suggested solution,I did not want to try it.
So I tried updating the firmware. I did the firmware upgrade using Kies. It did take a lot of time (close to 3 hours). Now the issue is gone!!

What Should I do to avoid this bug?

The only way seems to be clearing your clipboard once in a while. Don't just keep adding stuff to the chipboard without clearing it.

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